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The Company was incorporated in the year 1981. Since its inception, the National Carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines and other foreign airlines operating in Bangladesh have awarded Saimon Group as one of the top travel agents. Due to its outstanding performance, Saimon Overseas received automation connection of GETS (Gabriel Extended Travel System) when no travel agent in Bangladesh was automated. No travel agency was given the same till one & half year after we started CRS. Beside the CRS, Saimon again was the first agent who received domestic ticket stock from the flag carrier due to excellent performance. The company within very short period became only official travel agent for US Embassy, US AID, US Defense Section, UNDP, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNIC, and WEP, WHO, ILO, FAO and a number of foreign Embassies, Business houses and NGO’s.

American Express GBT : American Express GBT known world wide for its high profile and credibility joined hands with Saimon Group The franchise of American Express GBT was  purchased by Saimon Group and it became the largest TMC in Bangladesh, focusing on corporate travel management. American Visa Processing facilitation unit came over to Saimon with the Franchise on April 04, 2005. Besides the corporate clients of Saimon Group,all the corporate clients of AMEX GBT also joined  Saimon through American Express GBT acquisition.